Why “Legally Complicated”?


When people would ask “how is law school going?” My answer would always be, “it’s complicated.” Asking a law student “how is law school going?” may be too broad of a question. It is hard to explain the daily emotions felt attending law school in a brief conversation. My first semester was an emotional roller coaster. I felt scared, confused, stressed, frustrated, excited, and happy all at the same time. I was scared to fail; confused on how to study; stressed about not knowing how to study; and frustrated that it seemed like everyone else had it all figured out and I did not. Although I had negative emotions, I was excited because I knew this is the field I am meant to be in, and happy because I was finally working towards a dream I had since I was 8 years old.

I wanted my blog name to be short, sweet and focused on my goals for the blog. I thought about “Legally Awkward” because law school can be awkward, and I am very awkward. I considered “Legally Ambitious” because I am an ambitious person, but sadly, the name was taken. I searched legal terms and matched it with adjectives. I came across the word “complicated”. I fell in love with the name “Legally Complicated” when I said it out loud!

So, let’s define what complicated means. Complicated is defined as “something or someone that is difficult to analyze, understand, or explain.”

The process of getting into law school can be something difficult to analyze, understand, or explain. As an applicant, it may be complicated figuring out the Law School Admissions Council website, or how to study for the Law School Admissions Test. Some may find it is complicated figuring out what to write your personal statement essay on, or what should or should not go on your resume.

It continues after the application process. The laws governing the United States, and law school could be difficult to analyze, understand, or explain. In my semester experience, nothing is straightforward. You ask your professor a question, and the response could be “what do you think?”, or “it depends.” Every case is different, and no case is the same.

I am difficult to analyze, understand, and sometimes explain. The personality that I have can be hard to understand if you don’t know me. My jokes sometimes don’t make sense. The way I live my life may be hard to explain because sometimes my actions are spontaneous. Analyzing me could be a challenge because I am complex, and you never know what to expect. I am unique, and cannot be duplicated. The great thing about being complicated is that I bring a new perspective that allows me to think outside the box.

The goal of this blog is to show my complications, give my opinion on issues that I find important and give advice/tips that I gained throughout my journey. The advice/tips I give are based on my personal experience. What works for me, may not work for everyone else. Now that you know a little bit about me, let’s dig into my experiences.


4 thoughts on “Why “Legally Complicated”?”

  1. YAYYY so excited you got your blog up! I love this post because the whole process really is complicated and this sounds exactly like what I’ve been going through these past few years!!

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