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Alright, y’all! I have been blogging for a little over a year now, and I wanted my viewers to get an inside look as to who I am as a person. I dropped a ton of polls on my twitter to see if people could guess random facts about me. I am now announcing the answers to the polls in this blog!

What is my favorite color?

The four options were: Red, Blue, Pink, or Purple. 73% of people guessed pink! I could understand why this would be a popular choice. My whole brand has been pink up to this point, however, pink is my second favorite color. The 5% of people who guessed Red got it right! Red is my absolute favorite color, but pink is definitely a close second!

Favorite Artist?

The four options were Nicki Minaj, Drake, Eminem, and Cardi B. 38% of people guessed that Drake is my favorite artist and you all would be correct! However, I think I love Nicki Minaj just as equally.

Favorite Type of Movies?

The four options were Comedies, RomCom, Scary, and Action. 65% of people who voted are correct! I am a sucker for RomCom. Who doesn’t love a good romantic comedy? I also found it interesting that no one voted for Action movies which are also very accurate. 

What did I want to be when I was younger?

I gave this one as a complete slam dunk haha the option were doctor, lawyer, massage therapist, Marriage Counselor. For those who have been following me should know there is only one correct answer here and that answer is to be a lawyer. You all probably seen multiple times that this dream started when I was eight years old. At one point, I did think about being a massage therapist or a marriage and family therapy counselor, however, a lawyer is definitely what I wanted to do when I was younger and still wanting to do now!

What motivates me?

The options were baby sister, mom, family, or all the above. 88% of y’all guess all the above and that is correct. However, anyone that selected another option is also right. Everything I do it is because of my family. More specifically for my sister. I want her to know that she should never give up on her dreams and always continue to push through hard times. I want her to have a good positive role model. So whenever I am making any decision, I think about how my baby sister will view me.

What is my nickname?

This one you really had to take a guess at unless you know you personally. The names I gave were Stacy, Denise, or Niecy. 80% of you were right in guessing Niecy. There are many stories as to why it is that, but I will go with what my mom said which is it is because I am named after a college best friend.  

Favorite Zoo Animal?

It seems like this is the question that had people torn on what to decide. The options were giraffe, elephant, cheetah, and lion. Majority of people that voted said Lion, however, it is the minority of votes (19%) that won this one! My favorite zoo animal is a cheetah. I have and will always love cheetahs! Fun fact: I even did a project learning about cheetahs when I was in elementary school!

What is my spirit animal?

The options were Squirrel, Raven, Cheetah, or Dog. It is funny because most people (45%) chose cheetah for this one but yet that is not correct. As much as I love cheetahs, my spirit animal is a squirrel in my own opinion. Although I have taken quizzes that say it is a Raven, but no, it is a squirrel to me. I remind myself of a squirrel because I feel like I am always doing something or into something. I am ALWAYS on the go.

What would I do if I won the lottery?

Options were pay off loans, buy mom house, both, or none of the above. 94% of people are correct. I would absolutely buy my mom a house and anything her heart desires because she has done so much for me, and I am sure there’s nothing I can do to repay her back for all the love, support, and unconditional love, she has given but a house is something she has always wanted and I would love to help her out with that. But also, these loans need to go haha I would indeed do both.

Where will I end up 2020?

This question is going towards where will I be post-graduation from law school. The options were: Colorado, Arizona, New York, and “girl, we waiting to see!” haha this has been up in the air for a while. It is crazy because NO ONE chose Colorado which is where I am from. At this stage, it is looking like New York will be my new home in 2020. I plan to take the NY bar and apply for jobs only here. I have been here this summer and it has been the best experience of my life. I could not see myself anywhere else. This summer was to confirm or deny the feeling I had that NYC is where I wanted to be. Right now, that feeling has been confirmed.

Am I introverted or extroverted?

Options were definitely introverted!, Nah, extrovert, or you a little bit of both. The majority (59%) is correct that I am definitely a little bit of both. However, I think that I am more extraverted, at least that what I think and what a test told me. I think the test said I am 68% extrovert and 32% introverted, which I think is pretty accurate, to be honest.

How old am I?

Options were: 21, 23, 25, or 27. The majority (64%) are right, I am 23, but I will turning 24 soon! Which brings me to my next question!

What is my birth month?

Options were August, January, September, or April. The two months that people seemed to be split on was either August or September. I just realized that everyone probably could have seen on my page that my birthday is August, so this was a bad question. However, the majority of people said September which is really close! A couple of more days and I would have been a September baby! My birthday is August 28!

What was my first job?

The interesting thing about this question is that I held all these positions excluding retail at some point in my life. The options were retail, barista, Jimmy Johns, or Administrative Assistant. The majority said Jimmy John’s but it was actually Barista. I worked at a convention center when I was about 17 years old!

What sport do I love?

Options were Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball, or Track. Most voted Basketball. This is a former lover of mine haha I played basketball from elementary school to middle school, but this something new came along and that new thing was Volleyball and it stole my heart away!

Favorite Day of the Week?

I don’t know why I put this question because I am still confused, to be honest. The options were Monday, Friday, Wednesday, or Thursday. A part of me loves Monday because it is the start of the new week, but I also love Thursdays for whatever reason. A majority said Friday though. I would either choose Monday or Thursday!

Most beautiful place I have ever been?

The choices were Italy, Hungary, the Czech Republic, or the United States. 52% of people are correct when they voted for Italy. I have been to all these places but love them all for different reasons. I love Italy the most for its beauty.

How do I relax after a stressful day?

Options were Netflix no chill, bubble bath, sleeping, staying busy. Majority of people guess Netflix no chill and they are right. After a long day, I love just laying in my bed and watching Netflix till I fall asleep!

If I decided not to be an attorney, what would I be instead?

Options were law school professor, college counselor, high school counselor, or none of the above. Majority guessed none of the above or a law school professor. Both options are wrong. If I decided not to be an attorney, I would probably be a counselor in some type of capacity. My journey blogging started because I wanted to be a resource for people. I feel the same way about being a counselor. I do believe you can really change someone’s life by making resources available to them and being in their corner when you need it most. I had phenomenal counselors on my journey and not sure I would be where I am without there guidance and support. I would love to be that for someone.

I prefer?…

The options were litigation and transactional law. This was also supposed to be a given. I have always seen myself in a courtroom and still do. I definitely think I would be perfect as a litigator.

What is my most used emoji?

Options were the laughing emoji, the dark red heart emoji, the hug emoji, or the palm to face emoji. The laughing emoji is THE MOST used. These are the four most used, but the laughing is by far the one I use probably in most of my messages. I am a goofy person and truly laugh at a lot of things.

Favorite Character on The Office?

I had to really think about this. The options were Dwight, Jim, Michael Scott, or Creed. After much thought and consideration, I think I would choose Dwight which is what the majority voted for. I think  Dwight is hilarious, but above all, I love how dedicated he is to the people he loves.

Am I a Planner or Spontaneous?

The options were Planner, Spontaneous, or lawyer answer, it depends. The majority is right at this stage of my life. I used to be only a total planner and now I see that is not always the case. It depends on what I am doing. Somethings I feel like does need to be planned out. I am a Type A planner as well, but somethings truly just need to go with the flow.

Last question! Hopefully, I haven’t lost anyone! What is my favorite law school subject?

The options were Property, Contracts, Evidence, and Torts. If you really know me, you know there is only one true answer and a majority of you all were right when you voted EVIDENCE! I am that weird person that truly enjoys evidence and all of its craziness.

Well, I hope you have enjoyed getting to know random facts of me! Until next time!


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