Time Management in Law School

img_3519Hello everyone! I hope you all had a great Halloween weekend. This blog post will focus on time management. Time management is very important in law school and in life. This teaches you how to balance multiple things at a time while still being accurate. How do I time manage?

I struggled with this in undergrad when I put too much stuff on my plate. I did not know how to say no to amazing opportunities. Although I still have a hard time saying no, I have further developed my time management skills. I am currently enrolled in 17 credits, writing my article for a law journal, on the executive board for one of the student organizations, an active member in three other organizations, a student ambassador, working 10 hours a week at a law firm, and blog for you all. People ask me how I do it and I don’t know. Prior to taking this all on, I thought to myself is it possible to be a part of all these things and still do well in school? I decided that I could handle this.

The most important thing is to create a schedule and do not deviate from it. I also set up my class and work schedule to be busier during Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. These days I have back to back class and work from 9am-6pm. However, Thursdays I am done at noon and I have nothing on Fridays. Thursdays-Sundays are my get stuff done days. This is time to do my readings, type my class notes, review material, see my professors, watch Barbri videos, and get whatever I need to be done. It is important to be productive these days because this is the main time that I am free.

I also picked my classes. I set up my classes like 1L. I had two classes that needed extra attention because they were my harder subjects. Then, I had the two classes that I just understood and didn’t require as much attention as the two others. Lastly, I had my legal writing class. This was a class that had assignments throughout the semester and a final was not worth as much as the finals in my other classes. This semester I have con law and Business Associations (Corporations) as my two harder classes that require extra attention. I have Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure that I easily understand because of my degree in Sociology with a concentration in Criminal Justice and Criminology and my interest in Criminal Law. Lastly, I have Pleadings and Practice that reminds me of legal writing in the regards we have assignments throughout the semester and the final is not worth as much as my required courses.

I make sacrifices every day due to my schedule. Sometimes I am not able to go out with friends or talk to family and friends back home. It gets hard because I am used to being a social butterfly. However, I realize that this is my career and sometimes you have to step back to handle your business. My family and friends will understand. At the beginning of the semester, I listed out my professors weekly office hours, I set out the times that I should be typing my notes, reading for class, and included anything that may come up such as meetings or interviewing to take place in the future. This has so far been helpful for me.

Another thing that is important is prioritizing. Everything I am involved in is important. However, they may be important at different times. Let’s say it is October 28, 2018. I have my article due December 14, a paper for pleading and practice due November 5, and I am a month away from my first final. I would first write my paper for pleadings and practice since it is due first. After I turn in the paper, I will start studying for my finals and also finish up writing my paper. Splitting up when you do these assignments doesn’t make one less important than the other. You must decide which is more important at that moment given the circumstances.

Although I have a lot on my plate, the goal is to eat. I am still excelling. I am able to take a break from the books and do self-care. You do not have to say yes to every opportunity that comes along. However, make a plan when you do put a lot on your schedule and stick with it.


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