My name is Ainissa Proctor. I graduated from Colorado State University (CSU) with my Bachelor’s of Arts in Sociology with a concentration in Criminal Justice and Criminology and a minor in Legal Studies. I am a third-year law student at Charleston School of Law in Charleston, South Carolina.

Step into my shoes. Walk with me through this journey of being a law student and navigate practicing law in the legal field post-graduation. I had many questions when I was an applicant. I read many student blogs about their journey in law school that included their experience, and tips/advice that they found important. This information was very helpful as an applicant.

“Legally Complicated” is a blog created to write about my experience, tips/advice, and topics that I genuinely found important. My hopes are to connect with people interested in the legal field as well as those who are in the field.

Walk with me, look around, and enjoy the experience.