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Recap of 2L

untitled designWow. I cannot believe that I have not written in such a long time. This year showed me that people are completely right when they say your second year in law school is the hardest. I have been deciding what to write my blog about after being gone for so long. What better to come back than to address a recap of my 2L which is why I was gone for so long. Let me begin.

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Why Blog in Law School

untitled design

Hello all! I wanted to write a blog about… well, why I decided to blog in the first place. I started blogging a little over a year ago (how exciting!) and I thought it would be a perfect time to talk about why “Legally Complicated” came into existence. I will recap my story in a few sentences for those who may or may not know about it and then spill the beans as to why I love blogging.

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Undergrad vs. Law School

img_5013Wow! Hello. Hi. Legally Complicated here. I have been gone for a WHILE. I apologize for my extended absence. Between finals, going home for the holidays, and breaking my right arm(my dominant)/getting sick, life has been kind of crazy. I finally have the strength and energy to blog. Well, Happy New Year! Welcome to 2019. My first blog of 2019 will focuses on the differences I see between undergrad and law school from my experience.

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