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“Studying” in Law School

img_3346I have been wondering what the term “studying” means in law school. I understand that studying comes in all different places, forms, and sizes. Studying doesn’t always have to mean that you are hardcore memorizing. Studying doesn’t have to be just studying for longer periods of times. Studying doesn’t JUST have to take place in the library. A reasonable person might say I don’t “study.” What does that mean? Studying means different things to different people. Continue reading ““Studying” in Law School”

Finals Study Schedule


I posted a blog regarding what I do to prepare for my finals when I was a 1L. That blog detailed my preparation for the final. However, I failed to give an example of what my finals study schedule looks like. This blog discusses my finals study schedule that I have prepared for this semester. This will be a longer blog because it sets forth two examples going step by step when creating a finals study schedule.

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Orientation in Law School


Alright! It is my understanding that 1Ls are about to start their journey. I know the 1Ls at my school have orientation starting this Monday, so what a wonderful time to talk about how my orientation went. Orientation is one of those things that truly vary. I have heard everything from A to Z with orientation. I don’t think that there is one school that does the same thing (I could be wrong). I know my orientation was different than my friends and also my mentors.

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1L Tips in Law School

img_1600WOW! Where has summer gone!? It feels like I had just turned in the last final of my first year in law school. I have been reflecting a lot on my first-year in law school, and I have come up with some tips for incoming 1Ls. 1L is an intense year because usually, it is unlike anything that you have ever experienced. The way we are told to think was different for me.

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